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At BodyAthletica, we believe that transformations shouldn’t be at the expense of your metabolic (or mental!) health. Check out some of our before and afters. 

Mark Graham

“My conditioning was awesome! BodyAthletica did a fantastic job! Several pros approached me out of the blue to tell me that it is rare to see conditioning like mine, certainly at that level, the photos truly don’t do it justice. I will use your services again in the future, whether to compete or just improve my lean mass!” Mark Graham  

  • Contest Prep (16-Weeks)
Stefan Kalynuik

“After seeing the transformations both Ted and Tara have done for past clients, I knew they were the right choice when I made the decision to step on stage for the first time! The knowledge and expertise that was provided during my whole prep was everything I could ask for and more! After losing over 40lbs, reaching my goal weight, and being in the best shape of my life the day of my show. I’m glad I had the opportunity and privilege of working with both Ted and Tara!”   Stefan Kalynuik  

  • Contest Prep (16-Weeks)

Anna did a 16-Week Body Recomposition Diet and dropped over 25lbs! post pregnancy. Her transformation even garnered the attention and sponsorship of Thermo-lean!   Anna Stellato

  • Body Recomposition Diet (16-Weeks)

Ark shed more than 30lbs and placed 2nd in the Superheavyweight division at his very first competition.   

  • Contest Prep (16-Weeks)

“This was my third season working with Ted & Tara, and each year keeps getting better. This year proved to be the best and the results and gains were incredible. I have gone from just wanting to get into shape to being in the best shape of my life, and will be working on stepping on stage with BodyAthletica next year” Shed 35lbs and 15-18% bodyfat in 16 weeks  

  • Off-Season Lean Mass Gaining (16 weeks)
  • Contest Prep (16 weeks)

Jimmy lost an impressive 38lbs! and dropped 12-13% body fat in 16-Weeks.  

  • Body Recomposition Diet (16-Weeks)

“My partner [at the time] and I had competed together only once before deciding to hire BodyAthletica to help us with our next competition in 2007. Doing it on our own was tough to say the least. Always second-guessing what we were doing, were we doing too much cardio or not enough, were we cycling our carbs properly, eating enough protein and so on. Being in a position where you have to critique yourself is hard as you can be both your worst, and best enemy. The stress alone of changing our nutrition and program each week to keep us burning fat was something we did not want to do again. Enter BodyAthletica! They made the process so much less stressful and with weekly pictures, updates and contact we always felt reassured that we were progressing in the right direction. They put together everything; our workouts, nutrition, even our water drop and all the small details a carb-deprived mind can forget the last week leading up to the competition. As for our condition come competition day, we think our pictures say it all-we came in the leanest and hardest of all the competitors. We would highly recommend using BodyAthletica. Thank you so much Ted and Tara for all your knowledge, support and encouragement!”   Michelle Crispe & Julia Grant

  • 2007 Sudbury Bodybuilding Championships, 1st Place
  • 2010 UFE Bodybuilding Championships, 1st Place & Overall

Julia Grant

  • 2007 Sudbury Bodybuilding Championships, 3rd Place
  • 2010 UFE Bodybuilding Championships, 2nd Place
Maher Alasfar

“Working with Body Athletica was the best decision I have made. With their coaching and supplements, I was able to transform my body and win the Overall. I will definitely work with them again next year for the Ontario Championships.” Maher Al Asfar  

  • 3rd place in the Super Heavyweight 2009 Ontario Bodybuilding Championships.
  • Overall Winner 2008 South Central Ontario Championships 1st Place Heavyweight 2008 South Central Ontario Championships
  • 3rd Place Heavyweight 2007 Mississauga Bodybuilding Championships

“This year I had the pleasure of working with Body Athletica for my full 16 week contest prep. After a terrible finish last year I decided to seek professional guidance. There are many training and nutrition coaches, but few with the knowledge and experience that I found with Body Athletica. They set up my nutrition and training programs and monitored my weekly progress. As well, they advised me of what supplements to take in order to maximize fat loss and muscle retention. I recommend that anyone who is looking to achieve both personal and/or competitive goals to contact BodyAthletica. Thanks again for a great year.” Harris Jordanou

  • 2nd place in the 2009 Ontario Bodybuilding Championships.
  • 1st Place Light Heavyweight 2008 South Central Ontario Championships

After having 4 beautiful children in 6 short years I had gained a lot of extra weight and felt tired and sluggish most of the time. A friend of mine recommended BodyAthletica to me after starting their program – she not only had fantastic results but felt amazing. I was no longer satisfied with struggling to shed pounds slowly on my own and I was determined to find some “feel good” of my own. With their program, support and advice, I not only lost 30 pounds and 9 inches off my waist, I found the “feel good” I was looking for and there is no stopping me now! I look better, feel better, and sleep better. Most importantly, I have realized that we make choices everyday on how to use our time… it’s not that we don’t have time for excercise and a healthy diet, but we choose to do other things with that time. When you’re ready to make some changes in your life the Body Recomposition Diet is a MUST! Thanks Tara and Ted!”  


  • Body Recomposition Diet (16-Weeks)

Dave contacted BodyAthletica because in his 40’s he wanted to transform his physique and do his first photoshoot. After dropping 35lbs he definitely succeeded, and even looked ten years younger! “You have helped me get into the best shape I have been in, and I am forever grateful. What a change from my before pics!” Dave T  


  • Body Recomposition Diet (16-Weeks)

“16 weeks later, 25 pounds less, and minus 4 inches off my waist! what can I say? After years of struggling at the gym, pushing myself 5 days a week, I was tired of not seeing ANY results. I spoke with Ted one day and I asked “him how can I get the body that I want and finally see the results of my efforts in the gym?” The answer is simple, get on board with BodyAthletica, listen to them, and follow their advice. In 16 weeks your body will transform as mine did. By following their diet, training and supplement plan I was able to drop 25 pounds of body fat. Not only is my waist smaller but I feel amazing! My energy level has increased, my attitude is much more positive, and most of my health has improved!”  

  • Body Recomposition Diet (16-Weeks)
Tara m.

“I can’t say enough about the service BodyAthletica has given me over the year. Tara Rose did both a Metabolic Restoration Program and then later a Contest Plan with me to assist me in reaching my goal of competing again. Not only did she guide me in diagnosing my health issues but also help me on the road to optimal health/recovery. Then most recently she prepared me for the WBFF Bikini Diva contest. I lost 25lbs in 14 weeks and reached my goal of hitting the stage and bikini modelling again!”   Tara Minacs  

  • Metabolic Restoration Program (12 Weeks)
  • Contest Prep (16 weeks)

“When I asked BodyAthletica to work with me to transform my body, I knew that I had the best support I could get! They gave me all the information I needed to know and more! The best part is not having to wonder if you’re making the fastest progress possible! Working with Ted and Tara has changed my mind about what a trainer could do for me. This journey has strengthened my willpower and given me focus not only in bodybuilding, but with work and the enjoyment of life!”  

  • Body Recomposition Diet (12-Weeks)
Jason Marcovici

Muscle Insider: “Nobody ever said the life of a Pro was without hardship and Jason Marcovici is no exception to that rule. Two biceps tears and what many would consider a career-ending dual quad tears while doing Smith squats sidelined Jason in 2002. After many years of rehab and the introduction of the Men’s 202 weight class Jason refocused his drive in the gym and shocked many when he stepped on stage at the 2010 John Simmons 202. If work effort is any predictor of success one can expect big thinks in Marcovici’s future.” Muscle Insider   Jason Marcovici  

  • Contest Prep (16-Weeks)

Sandra contacted BodyAthletica because she had hit a plateau in her pre-contest program and she wasn’t achieving the results that she wanted. In less than 10 weeks we transformed her physique and helped her attain her best conditioning to date. Best of all, her energy improved, her cravings diminished and she felt fantastic throughout her prep!  

  • Contest Prep (8-Weeks)

“I started with BodyAthletica in July 2011 and went on to lose 44 lbs in 4 months and leaned out nicely just in time for my second fitness show. I stepped on stage at 181lbs, and considerably more muscular than the year before at 165lbs – my transformation was amazing!! I never had to guess what was needed to do because Ted and Tara guided me the entire way through my fitness journey and answered all of my questions….trust me when I say these people KNOW what they are doing. If you want to compete or even if you just want to transform your body into something incredible you just need to ask for their help. I am glad I did!” Mitch C.  

  • Contest Prep (16-Weeks)

“As a 23 year old woman with complicated hormonal and digestive issues, plus a rare genetic disorder, it’s safe to say I am NOT an ordinary client. This is, however, exactly why I chose to work with Tara & Ted. They’re not ordinary coaches. I worked very closely with Tara for 18 weeks to get ready for my first Fitness Model competition. With her help, I significantly improved my hormonal & digestion issues, shed over 30lbs of FAT and placed 2nd! Both Tara and Ted are extremely knowledgeable, adaptable and responsive. They were able to adjust my plan weekly, sometimes even daily, to work through my unique health issues, and I was BLOWN AWAY by the results. Not only did I achieve my goal, but my health problems have drastically improved. I will never hesitate to recommend BodyAthletica. I’m a raving fan and I will be a returning client. BodyAthletica is the real deal!! I’m a true testament.” Kristen – 2nd place IDFA Bikini Tall Division  

  • Contest Prep (16-Weeks)

His doctor recommended surgery – with 100lbs to lose, his health was at risk. He said no to surgery and embarked on a journey to better health … at the end of his journey he was 100lbs less and in the best shape (and health) of his life!  

  • Body Recomposition Diet (20-Weeks)

“Like many people, I’ve been self-conscious about my weight my entire life. I just didn’t realize how much it was holding me back until one night I was standing in front of my closet crying. After trying on about 7 different outfits, before a night out on the town, I felt fat in every one of them. And I thought to myself, this is so ridiculous to spend so much time and energy feeling bad about something that is completely within my power to change. I began working with BodyAthletica and I was instantly impressed at how fast I began to see results. Ted and Tara provided exceptional guidance on training, what to eat, when to eat, and what supplements to take. They took the guesswork out of it all. After losing 27 pounds, not only has my health and energy dramatically improved, but I now have confidence, in every aspect of my life, that I’ve never experienced before.”   

  • Body Recomposition Diet (16-Weeks)

“I was fortunate to meet Tara and Ted of Bodyathletica as I was once again in the process of plugging through my own transformation programme. They took over my nutrition, workout programme and supplementation and guided me through their 16 week program. Coming from 227lbs, over the last 6 years I had been slowly dropping my weight but the end of Summer of 2008 after working with Bodyathletica was the leanest and most defined I have ever been. Their knowledge of diet, nutrition and training have helped me cut through the roads blocks and saved a lot of time in reaching my goal sooner than later. I am grateful for all their efforts, patience and expertise and look forward to working with them again this year for my contest prep.”   Julica C.  

  • Body Recomposition Diet (16-Weeks)

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