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The Evolution of Training

As bodybuilders, unfortunately, we age like everyone else. What this means to us is that we need to make sure our training evolves over time as well in order to maximize gains and to remain healthy thus avoiding the pitfalls such as chronic injuries that tend to occur...

Why You Have Manboobs (Hint: It Started in the Bathroom)

While you can’t change your height, or how much hair you have (or don’t have) on your head, you can change where you store fat. And no, I don’t need ‘spot reduction’, which is a load of bull despite the claims of the late-night infomercial. However, WHERE you do store...

Goal setting: Defining your “WHAT”

How do you define what your goal is? And can you do it all at once? Here is the response to a recent inquiry that might help you target exactly what you want … and how to get there. Fuelling your body optimally is a great idea but it is not really a specific goal. You...

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