At BodyAthletica, we incorporate the cutting-edge training, nutrition, and mental strategies of national and world-class athletes in the fields of fitness, bodybuilding, and powerlifting. We take a unique approach to online physique consulting by offering full body solutions that concentrate on both the mental and physical aspect of athletic development. Whether you want to improve your body composition, surpass your ‘personal bests’, or achieve top athletic conditioning, we provide the multi-faceted approach you need to achieve your goals. 


The secret to a leaner, harder physique starts in the kitchen. Start achieving your goals today.


Eat. Sleep. Train. Results. Regardless of your goals, key supplements can support you in achieving them.


Whether you want to achieve your personal best lifts or stop traffic with a harder body, we have the secrets.


“This was my third season working with Ted & Tara, and each year keeps getting better. This year proved to be the best and the results and gains were incredible. I have gone from just wanting to get into shape to being in the best shape of my life, and will be working on stepping on stage with BodyAthletica next year.” 


“When I asked BodyAthletica to work with me to transform my body, I knew that I had the best support I could get! Working with Ted and Tara has changed my mind about what a coach could do for me. This journey has strengthened my willpower and given me focus not only in bodybuilding, but with work and the enjoyment of life!” 


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