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Finding the Program That Will Get You HUGE!

These days, everyone is searching for that one program, the holy grail that will propel them to massive muscle. They scour the internet, magazines, and friends on a quest for something unique and complicated enough to create just about the force and tension in their muscles to get them to grow. However, I am going to let you in on a little secret which will save you both time and money (not to mention the headache). In fact, it’s really quite simple…the perfect program doesn’t exist. I can list ten different programs all promising the same thing. So why don’t they work for most people when the person who designed the program has obviously reaped the aesthetic benefits. The simple reason is the program is irrelevant because it comes down to the lowest common denominator – and that is YOU!

Every program will work and every program won’t work…it all depends on how you decide to train while executing the exercises. It’s basically a mental state or zone that you need to enter in order to illicit optimum muscular or strength gains. If you cannot enter this zone you will still gain some muscle and strength, but you will never be impressed or satisfied by your progress…it will be mediocre, at best. So the real question is “how do we enter that zone or state of mind?” You need to be able to let go of what I call “comfortability”. This means you need to embrace being uncomfortable. If I was talking diet here that would mean welcoming hunger. In regards to training it means embracing pain and exhaustion. It is the ability to fight on and keep going when your muscles and your mind are screaming at you to STOP. The moment you feel this…you are officially at the starting line. If you really want to get big this is where it begins. Most people stop when they feel tired or hungry or pain and that is why there are countless gym-goers that year after year, never succeed in reaching their goals. You need to learn to welcome the discomfort by associating it with a positive outcome such as muscle growth or increased strength. The incremental change each workout or each week from the ability to transcend the “comfortable” is what will propel you to the next level.

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December 16, 2012 | Bodyathletica Blog | 0

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