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How to Build Muscle Efficiently

The most efficient and effective way for a beginner to build muscle is to train for strength. By using strength as a gauge it is quite easy to track progress and avoid the common misconception of changing programs every week or two. This is a sure fire way to prevent gains and stall progress. Progress comes from building a base of strength and consistently working to move forward by increasing the weight on the bar every few weeks and keeping track of that progress. Building strength does a few things necessary for the beginner athlete. One, it teaches them how to lift correctly and proper form will help build muscle faster as well as prevent injuries in the future as the weight gets heavier and the risks increases. Two, it teaches the lifter how to focus the mind and channel that focus in order to enter what high level coaches and athletes call the “zone”. If you aren’t training in the “zone” for specific lifts and at specific times you will never make maximum progress in strength or hypertrophy. Last but not least training for strength builds a stronger, faster, better athlete which is more functional in day to day living and improves total quality of life.


December 16, 2012 | Bodyathletica Blog | 0

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