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Goal setting: Defining your “WHAT”

How do you define what your goal is? And can you do it all at once? Here is the response to a recent inquiry that might help you target exactly what you want ... and how to get there. Fueling your body optimally is a great idea but it is ...

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Why you have Manboobs (Hint: It started in the bathroom)

While you can’t change your height, or how much hair you have (or don’t have) on your head, you can change where you store fat. And no, I don’t need ‘spot reduction’, which is a load of bull despite the claims of the late night infomercial. However, WHERE you do ...

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The Evolution of Training

As bodybuilders unfortunately we age like everyone else. What this means to us is that we need to make sure our training evolves over time as well in order to maximize gains and to remain healthy thus avoiding the pitfalls such as chronic injuries that tend to occur over time.   Starting ...

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BodyAthletica in The Globe and Mail

Ted Trush and BodyAthletica client Drew Scott are featured in The Globe's article, "How to beef up an ectomorph body type". Drew, host of Property Brothers on W Network, is adding lean muscle mass for an upcoming role and has made substantial gains in the gym since working with the BA ...

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BodyAthletica teams up with CORE Strength

BodyAthletica has teamed up with CORE Strength, Canada's only facility devoted to Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) to help you rehab your injuries and get back in the game! Clients now receive $20 off their first treatment at CORE. Check out

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How to Build Muscle Efficiently

The most efficient and effective way for a beginner to build muscle is to train for strength. By using strength as a gauge it is quite easy to track progress and avoid the common misconception of changing programs every week or two. This is a sure fire way to prevent ...

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Finding the Program That Will Get You HUGE!

These days, everyone is searching for that one program, the holy grail that will propel them to massive muscle. They scour the internet, magazines, and friends on a quest for something unique and complicated enough to create just about the force and tension in their muscles to get them to grow. However, I am going ...

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